A hundred billion is not infinite and it’s getting less infinite all the time.

(This is the soundtrack to a VVVVVV custom level called “The Last Question”: https://distractionware.com/forum/index.php?topic=3981.0

The level is a loose adaptation of the Isaac Asimov story of the same name.)

  1. Multivac: “The Last Question” is a VVVVVV level made for a contest on a deadline. I procrastinated a lot and spent maybe a week or two on the level? And this entire soundtrack was made in just one night. So a lot of it is kinda just me on autopilot, not really thinking any musical decisions through too deeply. This piece is meant to be quietly contemplative, and plays over two people talking about a supercomputer.
  2. Abandoned Earth: This was a fun little track to make, leaning heavily on a loud breakbeat to create an industrial feel. There’s a lot of rough textures here.
  3. To the Stars: The scene this plays over is very short, so to save time on music production the track doesn’t really go anywhere. With so little time to work with, I couldn’t really afford to do anything decadent. I’m grateful that I was at least able to score everything I wanted to have music; this scene would’ve been a prime candidate for cutting a corner and leaving it silent.
  4. Customs of the Far Future: This track is in 10/4 (3+3+4). I did this because I figured just “writing on autopilot” would still lead to an interesting original rhythm just by being in an odd time signature. I think in practice it just sounds awkward though.
  5. Time Slips Away: Very short cue that plays whenever there’s a timeskip. I think this is basically vine boom 2
  6. The Last Question: This track was the first one I made for the album, and if I’d decided to go to bed early it would’ve been the only one. It’s the most important piece in the level so I put extra effort into getting it just right. The titular “last question” (“can entropy ever be reversed?”) is asked several times throughout the level, and each time it’s asked a different cue is played. I think the piano part turned out well, and the gradually-intensifying delay and reverb is cool.
  7. A Meaningful Answer: Dramatic cue that plays at the end. I think this is too much of a jumpscare in the context of the album, sorry lol!