Let me show you some things from my collection.

This album has features from Lollipop and Torby Brand. Check out their music:
Lollipop: https://lollipop314.bandcamp.com/
Torby Brand: https://torbybrand.com/

  1. The Fuckin Sick Power Plant (with Lollipop): Every track on Assortment is something that didn’t have anywhere to go, a bit like a B-sides album. This is actually a remix of a track that Lollipop made for a project called “Temporal Troubles”. There’s not too much to say here, just that making stuttery rhythms out of these stems was a lot of fun. The chopped-up synth pad samples ended up informing the chord progressions, which gets interesting in the last part when I start repitching them. (Pro tip: if you introduce the new piano part BEFORE the sampled chords, it makes it sound like the progression was carefully planned instead of just random bullshit.)
  2. Flop: A cute little tune made partially out of samples of floppy drive noises. I vaguely wanted to make some janky-sounding album to include this on, but that never materialized so it wound up here.
  3. Hi!: Even cuter, littler tune. I think I made this as a demo of how to make a simple waveform sound lofi.
  4. The Glalace Pass: This was made for a VVVVVV project that will hopefully still happen, but if it does it probably won’t have this song. I still really like this track though, especially the chord progression and the distorted saw pad!
  5. Poisonous Day: This was made for Inktober But Music, where you follow Inktober themes but make music instead of visual art. I made it exactly one day in before immediately giving up. This one track I made was for the theme “Poison” and is appropriately gross-sounding. I guess the first half is struggling and panicking realizing you’ve been poisoned, and then the second half is succumbing? Wow this track is dark
  6. Missing: I tried to make a post-industrial album but most of what I made wasn’t good. But this track (although repetitive) is pretty cool-sounding! I was thinking about putting it on big storefronts and worried about uncleared samples so I found a really old public domain blues sample for the last minute or so. This is a cowardly move, but I have to admit the sample fits the track well.
  7. Be Sensible: This was made for the same project as The Glalace Pass, if you can believe it. I was trying to follow up on the sound introduced in Detox; this is basically I Can See You Perfectly 2. It’s a weird, grand, sprawling thing. In general the lyrics (taken with the spoken word sample) are about recognizing that something’s wrong with the world but feeling alienated and unsure how to take action.
  8. Delicious Sausages (with Torby Brand): A cover of the title screen theme from the video game “Stephen’s Sausage Roll”. Torby (who you may know for composing a couple pieces for AM2R, the fan-made Metroid 2 remake) provided a lovely piano performance of the piece, which I layered with synth pads. I also did vocoded singing of the wonderful lyrics, which were merely implied in the original game (with animated text, not heard); wanting to hear the vocals was basically why I made the cover in the first place.