A few songs about the place where I live.

  1. Now Entering: Jacob Collier’s doofy overproduced acapella sound seemed like a fitting way to open the album. Rhythmically chopping the sample and adding a beat makes it pretty fun. The sample at the end doesn’t really tie in much but I thought it was funny
  2. Fucktown Dunk: This is where the satirical aspects of the album start to emerge, though in a pretty light form so far. As a white girl, I love Uptown Funk
  3. Obama: I’m proud of how this track came together into a really intense wall of sound while still having a beat that sounds heavy.
  4. Fun Pizza: This is the first track I conceived of that eventually grew into this project, and it’s kind of the soul of the album (and directly connects to the cover). The monologue is me reading a Tumblr post. This is also where we move past cheap shots and start looking at the personal effects of suburban alienation, though in a funny way for now.
  5. War: Interlude sampled from Home Alone, which is a really strong example of suburban distrust leading to unnecessary violence if you think about it.
  6. Maple Valley: Similar to the previous track, but bringing it into the real world via a silly news clip I found. Also pacer test music brings back old memories.
  7. Upson Downs: Um. This track. This is where the album suddenly turns into a different one. I try to create as strong a sense of anxiety as I can for the first 3 minutes, which explodes into cathartic noise. The noise is actually right at the midpoint of the album in terms of runtime; it’s where the big transition happens. As it settles into the aftermath it turns into an experiment with layering textures of sound, unconcerned with melody or rhythm. Notable is the “Piano Burning” sample, which makes it seem like burning the town down.
  8. Fugue Planet: Vaporwavey track that mainly exists to sloowly build to a more melancholic mood as opposed to the terror of Upson Downs.
  9. Now Leaving: Cautiously optimistic outro about online relationships. It’s still fairly bleak, but there’s something good here.

Artwork edited by ShinyKitten07