Some quiet music.

  1. startup: Some quiet synth tones to set the mood. The main focus of the track is just slowly walking through this chord progression I really like. Also yes that’s the Mac startup sound at the very start
  2. cycles: This is probably my favorite track, and the first one I produced. It’s centered around a clip of the saving sound effect from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, slowed down. Layers of synth waveforms help make it more structured. I especially like the really high shimmery tones.
  3. in the valley: Like Sharp Internet, we get a rhythmic centerpiece. This track is still really low key, but during the premiere someone still said the drums hit super hard, probably because of the contrast with the first two tracks. The sine wave hit running through the whole song is replaced with a piano for the ending; I wanted the listener to feel like something changed after the experiences the lyrics talk about.
  4. horizon: Vaporwave interlude comprised of two segments from Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler the Creator songs that used recordings of speakers for stylistic effect. They sound neat together.
  5. shutdown: A more bombastic outro. I wanted a more intense ending to go with Sharp Internet’s quiet ending, but here the contrast is nowhere near as drastic because ending a harsh noise album with ambient is cool but ending an ambient album with harsh noise would be really mean.

Artwork from Skybox Satellite