Some loud music.

  1. F45: Intro for this EP’s harsh noise style. Everything in this track is exclusively derived from the sample, layered over itself at various pitches (and, of course, playing unreasonably loudly). The track is pretty carefully structured, opening with a shocking BURST of noise before pulling back into lower frequencies to give the listener a break (relatively speaking), then coming back at the end for a chaotic climax.
  2. AAAA: Similar to F45, this track is sample-based. The intro is basically just a meme, but once it starts layering over itself and getting more textured I think it sounds pretty neat.
  3. 22.5BPM: This track isn’t really sample-oriented like the first two. It’s also uncharacteristically rhythmic for the album, centering around these overwhelming percussive hits inspired by the bit from Playdead’s Inside where the player has to hide from the shockwaves. Although the title says 22.5BPM, in practice the listener will likely feel it in a subdivided 90 BPM, especially once the breakbeat comes in.
  4. A440: Simple waveform-based interlude. Despite its simplicity, I’m satisfied with how ominous it sounds.
  5. 456: This was originally going to be an intro to an extratone album, but then I realized I had no ideas for other extratone tracks so I repurposed it for this. It ends up being a pretty fitting finale. When this track gets going I can physically feel my skin crawl. Not everything here is manipulated from the sample; the high pitched synths are original. A quiet ambient section for the outro seemed like a fitting swerve for the very end, to bring the listener’s stress down instead of dropping them into cold silence instantly.