Deeply cursed mashup album.

  1. Jazz?: I wanted the first track to be exciting, irreverent, but not overly-cool, since that’s sort of what the whole album is like. Combining so-called “high” and “low” culture (hopefully revealing the divide to be bullshit) is a running theme, and it’s present pretty much from the start.
  2. How to Get Your Band Played Over the Tetris Beatboxing Guy: These early tracks are just cute little experiments in sound. The later stuff is more pointed and focused, but in the first half of the album I have room to just mess around.
  3. Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Beats to Kill and Die To: The Danny Phantom theme song is my biggest musical guilty pleasure, and this is my way of processing that.
  4. Shop in Focus: This is the simplest track. When I listen to it, at first I get annoyed and wonder why I put it in the album, but then as it progresses I get really relaxed. The album needed a slower-paced thing, plus “quiet, pensive, and meditative” is the funniest possible mood to be in when The CBT Experience comes on.
  5. The CBT Experience: This was the first track I made for the album. I wasn’t sure yet if it was going to become a bigger thing. It’s a pretty harrowing track, and probably the most explicitly obscene thing my name is attached to. Listening to this album over and over desensitized me to most of the jokes, but somehow “SECTION 2: BALL STRETCHER” still gets me every time.
  6. Gun: We open with an ambient bit to cool down from the previous track, but then everything goes wild again. I hope Joker gun mashups are still cool by the time I release this.
  7. One Two: This track is unique because it contains tracks from other plunderphonics albums. It has “The Starting Line” by Neil Cicierega because that has a really great buildup. There’s also “I’m Not Famous” by Patricia Taxxon, which is sort of the logical conclusion of plunderphonics: the entire namesake AJR song left completely unmodified, but re-contextualized by the album surrounding it. (AJR’s I’m Not Famous sucks ass, but Patty’s somehow slaps even though it’s the same clip.) Patty’s work is what inspired me to make this album in the first place, so there’s a lot of little tributes to her throughout the whole album.
  8. Pass the AUX: A simpler, more conceptual piece in between two climactic bits. Here we see that the only sample in this album that I truly make fun of in a mean-spirited way is the one that’s explicitly elitist. Also, I think this is the most deeply embarrassing track I’ve ever made. If someone played it IRL and I was nearby I would die instantly
  9. Gamer National Anthem: The finale. I did my best to create a really lengthy, huge-sounding buildup. It’s like a celebration!