Victoria’s Gift is a VVVVVV map by ShinyKitten07. This is its soundtrack.

  1. Into the Museum: This album edit contains three in-game cues: the title theme, first entering the museum, and the shift into the columns area and more difficult gameplay. The result is a slow build in intensity, eventually exploding into a full breakdown near the end.
  2. Thorny Canvas: This plays when you end up inside the paintings. It’s a pretty weird track to match, and feels more organic and indistinct than the others to try and capture the feeling of messy analog brushstrokes. It also features random elements like the weird watery synth and the “modular” percussion, which means that the album edit (which a separate render so I could add the intro and outro, which means a different seed) sounds slightly different from how it is in-game.
  3. Abstract Space: This plays in a blocky “modern art” segment with lots of blocky flat colors. In contrast with “Thorny Canvas”’s muddled, indistinct sound, “Abstract Space” feels very clean and exacting.
  4. Veteran’s Discount: A reprise of “Into the Museum” that’s slow and short but extends the chord progression. Plays when you leave the Museum.
  5. Glorious Finale: This tiny track intentionally contrasts the others, to comedic effect. It’s also pretty cute, and shows the contrast inherent to Victoria going on a dangerous mission for a simple gift. The weird pitchbendy bits are a reference to that one fucking dude in elementary school who added a little “cha cha cha” at the end of every line of the birthday song. Every school had one of those. If you don’t know who it was, it was you. (But don’t feel bad, it was me too.)

Artwork by ShinyKitten07