Relaxing low-tempo synth tracks. Listen to these to chill out. Much less eclectic and hyperactive than my last few releases.

These tracks were originally sketched in Auxy during a trip to the beach in summer 2017. I made much more polished and interesting versions in Renoise during winter break that same year, and finalized and released them in summer this year. Revisiting these tracks after such long breaks in between was an interesting process.

Unfortunately, the titles don’t really mean anything profound. I just wanted something that fit the beach theme and the contrasting vibes of each track, and I ended up ripping off a Douglas Adams joke because I’m a really predictable person. Though if you have a cool interpretation don’t let my lame authorial intent stop you.

  1. The Ocean Stands Still: Originally this was more of an upbeat EDM track, but I decided to do more of a slow burn in the end. I had a lot of fun with delay effects with this one.
  2. The Buildings Wave: This track feels like coming back to reality after going on vacation. I guess that makes sense since it was originally written during that exact situation.