“Aliased Road” is a glitchy synthwave EP. It’s entirely comprised of tracks made this year for specifically this purpose. Even though it’s a short album, I tried to take the listener on a journey: the tracks alternate between percussion-heavy tracks and less percussive interludes. Also, the opening tracks are a bit more accessible than the later ones, to introduce the listener to the album. Once you get to track 4 (“A Speaker Slowly Flying Apart”) things get pretty harsh, but then track 5 (the title track) takes a step back from this but brings back the percussion for a satisfying finish. I think I’m happier with this track order than any of my other releases. Unlike previously, I decided which role each track would play in the album before producing them, instead of trying to make them fit afterward. There’s still plenty of bangers and weird experimentation to go around though, and I hope you enjoy it!

  1. The Fragment Spire: This track is meant to sound big and imposing, like some sort of cosmic event. The name doesn’t mean anything in particular, but conjures up the image of something tall, dark, and angular. It’s a bit less weird at first than some of the other tracks to sort of ease the listener into the album, but at the end it goes off the rails to prepare the listener for what comes next.
  2. Fuzzy Interlude: This track has some fun randomized percussive bits run through a vowel filter. It plays off those big synth pads in a way that’s really weird but pretty neat. It’s the first “interlude” track between the more intense percussive tracks. (Silly fact: On storefronts other than Bandcamp, for some reason the name was automatically changed to “Fuzzy (Interlude)”. It’s funny how a simple change in punctuation changes the meaning of the title so much.)
  3. Scatterstatic: This was the first track I made for the album. It’s kind of all over the place, but I was proud of the intensity level I was able to hit towards the end, which I hadn’t really managed before.
  4. A Speaker Slowly Flying Apart: This one gets really harsh! It was supposed to be another relaxing interlude but that, uh, didn’t happen.
  5. Aliased Road: This was originally made for a Gametabs original contest. It didn’t fit the theme (“Hope”) very well at all, though it’s still probably the most uplifting thing in this album.
  6. Crash: A quick outro bit. The glitchy bits at the end were randomized but I really like how they turned out.