This music was originally intended to be a video game soundtrack. It was a turn-based RPG being worked on by a distractionware forum member, but the game never ended up getting made. I didn’t want to let the tracks I composed for it go to waste, so here they are as a standalone album. Most of these are boss themes, with the exception of the first track.

(When judging this album, please keep in mind that it’s goddamn ancient)

  1. Good Bit: This theme would have played on the title screen, and it’s possibly the most adrenaline-inducing track in the game. It was made in Bosca Ceoil, rather than Renoise like the other tracks. As the title implies, I thought it was the only good part of the EP for awhile, but now I feel like even this one is a bit too grating.
  2. Important Circumstances!: First boss fight.
  3. Continual Fighting: Also a boss fight.
  4. The Above, In Space: Continual Fighting in space. (I don’t remember if this fight actually took place in space. I’m pretty sure a Darth Vader knockoff was involved though)
  5. Sharpening: This track ended up sounding very unsettling. The creepy lead synth is actually brown noise, but significantly pitched up. The weird “slicing” effect at around 0:36 is caused by using Renoise’s Glide command to a different note arrangement.