Produced track 3 (“Handsomeboy Homecoming”)

“going on a trip”

3. Handsomeboy Homecoming:

  • Cheryl’s notes: i have… complicated opinions on this track, but i will say it slaps hard. in the main story, this track serves as a sort of “packing”. imagine this main character (the guitar sample in the previous track) packing for their big self-discovery roadtrip. however, in my second story, this track takes a VERY different meaning… it being a guest track represents my fear i had at the time of being mediocre or not as good compared to some of my other musical friends. (sorry allie i used your track for both good and bad meanings)
  • Allie’s notes: For awhile I’ve wanted to make future funk, but I haven’t listened to enough funk yet for that to work, so for now the next-best thing is sampling pre-existing future funk instead. The main sample here is “Handsomeboy Technicality”, from CHANCE デラソウル’s album All Together Now!. After Lost and Found came out I found out that track’s name is referencing Handsomeboy Technique, another plunderphonics artist, so there’s a lot of layers here. I’m really happy with how that and the other 3 samples came together into something that still hits really hard.