Featured on track 31 (“Trans Rights”)

“Uh, nobody who is a transphobe, don’t, y’all don’t get shoutouts. Not in this household.”

31. Trans Rights (with vitellary, firubii, Allison Fleischer, mothbeanie, moriohbrew, stupid cat, MintyCH): This track has a wild story behind it! So, Cheryl used to be a fan of an indie RPG called Heartbeat. The lead developer of the game turned out to be a TERF, which basically led to a mass exodus of fans and other developers. Cheryl was rightfully really pissed off by finding out the game she liked was (partially) made by a transphobe, so she had an idea: make a mashup sampling a track from Heartbeat and call it “Trans Rights”.

This alone is already a power move, but she took it one step further. The sample is the final boss theme from the game, and is divided into several discrete sections for each phase of the fight. So Trans Rights is the mashup equivalent of a posse cut: each segment was produced by a different artist.

My segment runs from 2:26 to 3:15. It’s a pretty straightforward mini-mashup (with a sample from The Grand Budapest Hotel for some reason? I don’t even particularly like Wes Anderson), but I still really like the way I used the Soulja Boy Plays Braid video to transition into the next segment.