Produced track 16 (“Ending Theme”)

“Pixel Mixers community is proud to present “Ecco the Dolphin – Timeless Ocean“, a tribute about to the music from the 4 Ecco games (Ecco the Dolphin, Two Tides, Ecco Jr, Defender of the Future).

This album features 28 tracks by 30 musicians from the Pixel Mixers community. Clocking in at almost 2 hours long, this is possibly the most coherent work we have ever done, both in terms of quality and musical style! With the original music containing such a strong identity, people really went for that specific Ecco vibe with lot of synth, chill and surprising arrangements!”

16. Ending Theme: A slow ambient build mostly based around a single motif from the original. I like the big slightly distorted chords at the climax.

Artwork by OzoneOne