Produced disc 1 track 19 (“Stephen’s Sausage Roll - Title Music”) and disc 2 track 6 (“Hollow Knight - Greenpath”)

“Hello guys, I’m really excited to present you our very first album of 2019! And what an album… The 2nd volume of our series dedicated to Indie Games music. After “The Great Tale of the Little Ones” in 2016 here is the Vol.2 of what’s going to be an annual thing! We focused on games released from 2015 to 2018. So in early 2020 for the Vol.3 we’ll focus on games from 2016 to 2019 etc etc. I already can tell you that we were super excited to work on this project and everybody involved did a really good job, I hope you’ll appreciate it =)

This album features 54 tracks from 36 Indie Games, including: Undertale, Celeste, Hollow Knight, A Hat in Time, Stardew Valley, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Furi, Ori and the Blind Forest, Overcooked, Pyre, Cuphead, Deltarune and more! 62 musicians did their best to honour those great songs and the result is a 3 discs album, for more than 3 hours of music!”

1-19. Stephen’s Sausage Roll - Title Music (feat. Torby Brand): This closer to disc 1 is a collaboration with Torbjørn Brandrud, who you might recognize from a few tracks in AM2R, the fan-made Metroid 2 remake. The title screen of Stephen’s Sausage Roll is pretty tongue-in-cheek, and features the text “delicious sausages” animating in time with the music. I wanted to actually hear this as part of the song, so I transcribed the piano, enlisted Torb to play it, and sang into a vocoder. Then, all that was needed was a simple pad in the background and gratuitous whispering at the end, and a work of art was made.

2-6. Hollow Knight - Greenpath: A really extensive synthwave cover. The first third is very atmospheric, but then a driving beat unexpectedly appears. The last third is a slow build that I think turned out really well. The arrangement and production was inspired by C418’s non-Minecraft house tracks.

Artwork by Mordra