Produced track 1 (“Mow”)

“The Two Hour Album Challenge (2HAC) is a community-driven challenge to collectively start and complete an album of music in two hours.

At the start of the challenge, a theme is chosen randomly. Each participant then independently (or collaboratively) writes a song with that theme in mind using a strict time limit of two hours.

This album is free to download, proceeds from album purchases will go to the Angel of Hope animal rescue:

More information can be found here:

This is the third 2HAC and the second I’ve participated in. The theme was “cats”, as you might have guessed.

  1. Mow: Filtered synths that sound like meows! And some other things I guess. I like the electric piano chords which get distorted partway through, and the big key change near the end. The lead has some (relatively) subtle bitcrushing on it, to make the track just a bit messier. Other participants described it as “a cheshire cat song” and “could be a Radiohead song if you threw some moaning over it”.