Produced disc 3 track 6 (“Dark World”)

“Hey guys, I have the pleasure to present our brand new project: Final Fantasy VI – World’s Requiem. This is a Tribute Album to FFVI Music, featuring all the songs from the Original Soundtracks, rearranged and interpreted by 71 musicians from the Pixel Mixers Community! 58 songs, for 3h 25min of free music!

We do not own any of those songs, they were all composed by Nobuo Uematsu for Final Fantasy VI OST, published by SquareSoft in 1994 for the SNES.

This album features 3 ‘discs’ called ‘Esper’, ‘Super Sanity’ and ‘World’s Requiem’. We decided to share the songs in a way to create some ‘narrative arcs’ between the songs, so the order is different from the OST.

This is our best album in term of production, the making took us 9 months but i think the final result was worth the wait! I really hope you will also enjoy this album! The is a huge variety of music styles, from Orchestral, to EDM, Metal, Jazz, Acoustic… Some arrangement are close to the original product, others took a lot of freedom and tried to bring the songs somewhere else, hope you’ll appreciate this kind of variety =)”

3-6. Dark World: World’s Requiem is the first VGM album I’ve participated in that revolves around a game I haven’t played. Pixel Mixers was committed to covering the entire FF6 soundtrack, so when the person working on Dark World had to drop out (I think this happened multiple times with Dark World. Cursed song) I decided to step in. Participating in such a huge project was pretty cool, but it was also intimidating. I know this soundtrack is really well-loved and nostalgic to a lot of people, so I definitely felt the pressure to do it justice. At first I ended up in this weird half-measure space where I made the sound design different enough to justify the cover’s existence - focusing on a pseudo analog… thing, with a noisy intro and outro - but was too slavishly devoted to the original for fear of deviating too much, so it ended up just sounding like a worse version of the original. With the Pixel Mixers team’s encouragement, I decided to branch out more and ended up with something I’m happy with. I got to explore a sound I’d never really tried before, and I think it sounds pretty cool in its own right.

Artwork by Mind Waker