Produced track 3 (“City Trial”)

“Hey VGM friends, here is our 1st ‘big album’ of 2018: The Green (Greens) album! A tribute to Kirby music, including titles from the great classics Kirby’s Adventure, Kirby Super Star, Kirby 64 and many more!

We do not own any of the music. They were all composed by their respective composers for the Nintendo Company:

  • Hirokazu Ando
  • Jun Ishikawa
  • Shogo Sakai
  • Tadashi Ikegami
  • Tomoya Tomita

This album features 19 tracks, from 8 different Kirby games, arranged by 30 musicians for more than 1 hour of free music! Music still goes from Heavy Metal to Jazz and with smooth blues or electro and fusion!

The very first Kirby game ‘Kirby’s Dream Land’ was released on Game Boy in 1992, the series is still going on and features more than 20 games, the last one being ‘Kirby Star Allies’ that’s going to be released this year for the Nintendo Switch.”

3. City Trial: I’ve wanted to create a breakbeat-heavy track for awhile, and have tried several times, but I don’t think it’s ever worked out as well as it has here. I took a fair amount of inspiration from the Flywrench soundtrack; the rhythm is complex, but it’s meant to be fun, not aggressive. Interesting fact: some of the percussion is sampled from “Boss Attacks” from the Rez soundtrack. It’s a fairly unintuitive take on such an orchestral track, but the e-piano and funky lead synth ended up meshing with the melody surprisingly well. (The album’s QA people made me tone down the high end on the sawtooth synth and in hindsight I’m glad they did; it used to be ULTRA SCREECHY)

Artwork by Pokérus