Produced track 3 (“Battle Mode [SMK]”)

“Rhythm Raceway is the latest Pixel Mixers album! It is a tribute to the music from the Mario Kart games, from the 1st game ‘Super Mario Kart’ released on SNES in 1992, to “Mario Kart 8” released on Wii U in 2014.

This album features 23 tracks revisited by 35 musicians for more than 1 hour of free music with jazz, metal, salsa, electro, surf rock, chill, fusion and more!!!”

3. Battle Mode [SMK] (feat. Mind Waker): I think this is the first time I’ve collaborated with another musician! Mind Waker plays the guitar for the second half of the track. Working with him was really exciting, and I think my excitement bled into the arrangement: I withhold his guitar part until PLOT TWIST big transition in the middle, then the focus is on him until the end.